When County Carpet Care Cleans Your Carpets and Furnishings, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Whether it's because company is coming, you have stains and odors you need removed, or you're looking for the best care to extend the life of your carpet and furnishings, you always get the highest quality care from County Carpet Care – guaranteed!

Our Guarantees to You

You never have to worry about your carpets and upholstery receiving the best care. With County Carpet Care, we guarantee that:

  • We will arrive on time, on the day specified, or we will call you to inform you of any delays.
  • Any damage to your carpets or fixtures sustained as a result of our cleaning methods or procedures will be repaired at no charge and at YOUR earliest convenience
  • Only certified technicians using IICRC standards endorsed by major carpet manufacturers will be cleaning your carpet.

  • You will be 100% satisfied with our quality and service or:
  • County Carpet Care will return and clean to your satisfaction.
  • County Carpet Care will not charge you for the work done.

  • Highly-Skilled, Certified Carpet Care

    You can be sure that your expensive carpet and furnishings will be handled with skill and care. County Carpet Care has passed the rigorous Institute of Inspection and Cleaning and Restoration Certification process. An IICRC-Certified firm not only must pass written examinations, but also demonstrate a commitment to ongoing training, carry comprehensive insurance, and maintain high standards of professional conduct.

    Personal Attention to Your Carpet Care Needs

    Your County Carpet Care service representative will make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction. In addition, your representative will monitor your carpets for excessive soiling and wear, and make recommendations for regular cleaning and care that will extend the life of your carpets and rug.

    Request an estimate or contact us today and learn more about how we not only restore, but help you understand and facilitate the entire restoration process.

    Carpet Soil is More Than Just Dirt

    Research has shown that 80% of the soil that is building up on your carpets and rugs is tracked in on the bottoms of shoes. This soil abrades the carpet fibers and causes premature deterioration of your carpet. However, in addition to the tracked-in soil, food and beverage spills and pet stains and odors, as well as airborne soils (oxides and carbonates) are collecting on the fibers and are creating a soiled look.

    Proper Carpet Cleaning Means Removing All Soil Types

    To maintain the "like new" look of your carpets and rugs, all of these soils must be removed regularly. As much as 90% of the tracked-in soil can be removed with a power pile lifter. Not only will pile lifting remove the grit that abrades the carpet fibers, but it will also stand the carpet fibers up for a more thorough cleaning.
    Next, to remove the heavy soil in the high traffic areas, we recommend rotary scrubbing using a foam solvent shampoo. This loosens and suspends the soil so it can be extracted. Finally, we thoroughly steam clean the carpet to remove the shampoo and suspended soil.

    Clean Carpet Benefits Extend Beyond "Just Clean"

    Because the damage-causing soil is removed from the carpet, your carpet will resist crushing and premature wear. Removing the airborne soil results in a clean look in the carpet and also improves your indoor air quality. Maintaining your carpets regularly will reduce the chances of spots becoming permanent stains, and will extend the life of your carpet investment.

    Request an estimate or contact us today and learn more about how we not only restore, but help you understand and facilitate the entire restoration process.

    With Highly-Skilled Technicians Trained in Multiple Cleaning Techniques, You Get the Right Method for the Best Results

    Some carpet cleaners specialize in steam cleaning. Others in shampooing. But that's not specialization. It's limitation. Choose a "specialist" in one technique, and you may find that your carpets and rugs weren't cleaned as they should be, because a single cleaning method may not do the job. That's why our technicians are trained and certified in multiple cleaning techniques.

    Mechanical Pile Lifting

    As much as 90% of the soil on the carpet is dry soil and can be removed using a mechanical pile lifter. This procedure removes the grit and soil that abrades carpet fibers and prematurely destroys your carpet. In addition, pile lifting just prior to steam extraction opens the pile and stands the yarn up so that the extraction can remove the maximum amount of dirt.

    Steam Extraction

    For both deep cleaning and superior results on heavily soiled or neglected carpets, we use Steam Extraction (sometimes called "Corrective Cleaning"). Our process gently but thoroughly cleans the carpet fiber while doing no damage to the carpet backing or underlayment. Because the carpets we clean this way dry fast with very little residue from our cleaning agent, they stay fresh and clean longer.

    Bonnet Cleaning

    Bonnet Cleaning using a non-residual agent is an extremely effective way to maintain a "like new" appearance in a carpet that is regularly maintained. Bonnet cleaning resembles rotary shampooing in that a rotary machine with some modification is used. However, with bonnet cleaning, a highly absorbent double faced bonnet is used together with a non-residual cleaning agent. The cleaning agent emulsifies the oily soils and lifts them on to the bonnet, leaving the carpet almost completely dry and ready for immediate use.

    Rotary Shampooing

    Carpet cleaning using a rotary shampooing method uses both mechanical and chemical agents. The rapidly revolving brush agitates the soil loose from the fiber, and the detergent emulsifies and crystallizes the soil, thus preparing it for easy removal. Some soil is removed immediately after shampooing; the balance takes place with subsequent vacuuming or steam extraction.

    Request an estimate or contact us today and learn more about how we not only restore, but help you understand and facilitate the entire restoration process.

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